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This dataset was generated by Venkat Chintapalli, Jing Wang & Julian Dow at the University of Glasgow with funding from the UK's BBSRC.
It gives you a quick answer to the question: where is my gene of interest expressed/enriched in the adult fly?
For each gene & tissue, you're given the mRNA SIGNAL (how abundant the mRNA is), the mRNA ENRICHMENT (compared to whole flies), and the Affymetrix PRESENT CALL (out of 4 arrays, how many times it was detectably expressed).

String to look for? (e.g. vha, cell adhesion, receptor, aquaporin, adenylate, CG1147, pnt)

Searching for CG3758-RA through 18771 annotations produced 1 hits

escargot (esg):

Annotation Number : CG3758
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Flybase ID : FBgn0001981
Gbrowse : chr2L:15333863-15336150 (+) // 100.0 //
Probeset : 1641639_at
Accessions : protein= NP_476600;, nucleotide= NM_057252;
Pathway : open tracheal system // inferred from mutant phenotype /// 0007489 // maintenance of imaginal histoblast diploidy // in
Interpro : open tracheal system // traceable author statement /// 0035147 // branch fusion
FlyMine data for FBgn0001981.
Homophila reports that CG3758 is a close match (2e-11) to human gene TNDM1;ZFP57 (NP_001103279), a gene associated with Diabetes mellitus, transient neonatal, 1, 601410 (3).
BioGrid reports that CG3758 interacts with CG4767 CG7583 CG9497 CG3929 CG4303 CG4394 CG4818 CG4832 Dmel CG34168 CG5643 CG6441 CG6569 CG6684 CG7045 CG8079 CG8319 CG8942 CG9572 CG9573 CG3258 CG3978 .
TRiP has 2 RNAi stocks for FBgn0001981 available for purchase.
VDRC has 2 RNAi stocks for FBgn0001981 available for purchase.

TissuemRNA SignalPresent CallEnrichmentAffy Call
Brain7 04 of 4 0.20Down
Head9 14 of 4 0.20Down
Eye11 14 of 4 0.29Down
Thoracicoabdominal ganglion6 11 of 4 0.10Down
Salivary gland9 51 of 4 0.25Down
Crop8 12 of 4 0.20Down
Midgut286 164 of 4 7.10Up
Tubule43 34 of 4 1.10None
Hindgut45 24 of 4 1.10None
Heart2 00 of 4 0.05Down
Fat body9 33 of 4 0.24Down
Ovary0 00 of 4 0.00Down
Testis138 74 of 4 3.50Up
Male accessory glands3 00 of 4 0.10Down
Virgin spermatheca6 11 of 4 0.16Down
Mated spermatheca8 13 of 4 0.20Down
Adult carcass10 30 of 4 0.30Down
Larval CNS354 204 of 4 8.83Up
Larval Salivary gland7 11 of 4 0.18Down
Larval midgut212 204 of 4 5.30Up
Larval tubule2 10 of 4 0.10Down
Larval hindgut65 64 of 4 1.63Up
Larval fat body29 113 of 4 0.70None
Larval trachea68 64 of 4 1.70Up
Larval carcass61 74 of 4 1.53None
S2 cells (growing)1 00 of 4 0.04Down
Whole fly40 14 of 4

Looking for CG3758-RA. 1 entries matched from 18771, in 2 s.

Chintapalli, V. R., Wang, J. and Dow, J. A. T. (2007). Using FlyAtlas to identify better Drosophila models of human disease. Nature Genetics 39: 715-720

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